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Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Zion Union Church Cemetery - Continued

BEANE                    ALIFF
1860----------1893                    1865----------1956
William Ballard Preston Beane was born 06 Jun 1859 in Monroe County, [West] Virginia to William McHarvey Bean and Margaret Smith Parkins. He was the fourth born of eight children to the couple.

He married Rowena Ann Porterfield [1856-1965] in 1881 in Monroe County. The couple had five children: Margaret, Effie, Nettie, Ammie and Willie Eulalia.

"Billy" died at the age 33 from bleeding ulcers.

Rowena Ann Porterfield was born 06 Apr 1865 to James Allen Porterfield and Isabella Frances Ballard. She was one of seven siblings.

Following Billy's death in 1893, Rowena married [2] Joseph Preston McCormick [1842-1915]on 28 Nov 1896 in Monroe County. The couple had five children: Arbana, Norah, Edwin, Mary and James.

After Joseph's death in 1915, Rowena married [3] Samuel Lewis Bruffey [1858-1926] in Monroe County in 1917. They had no issue.

Following Samuel's death in 1926, Rowena married [4] Calvin Aliff [1856-1941]. No issue.

Rowena died 09 Dec 1956 in Union, Monroe, West Virginia. She was layed to rest here, beside her first husband. [Her second husband, Joseph Preston McCormick was layed to rest beside his first wife, Billy's aunt, Martha Caroline Bean.]

SEPT. 22, 1898
JAN. 6, 1966

Zernie Jacob Caldwell was born 22 Sep 1898 to Jacob Francis Caldwell and Betty J. Huffman, in Waiteville, Monroe, West Virginia.

He married Betty Unknown [date unknown]. The couple had at least three children: Annie, Lee and Elizabeth.

"Zern" died 06 Jan 1966.

This concludes the current amount of inventory I have on the New Zion Union Church.

It is my desire that during the coming summer I will be able to do a complete catalog of the graves currently there.

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