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Friday, March 12, 2010

New Zion Union Church Cemetery - Continued

14, 1890
Aged 58 Yrs.
1 Mos. & 4 Ds.

William McHarvey Bean was born on 26 Aug 1832 near Zenith, Monroe, [West] Virginia. He was the 12th born of 13 children children to William Bean and Rachel Wiseman.

He married Margaret Smith Perkins [1826-1891] on 16 Aug 1852 in Monroe County. The couple had eight children:  Unnamed infant; Viranda C.; Samuel; William; Viranda Elizabeth ["Betty"]; John; Alice "Allie"; and Nancy "Nan".

William and shot and killed by a county constable over the dispute of a lien on a buggy. He was shot through the back window of the buggy he was driving, in the back of the head and died shortly thereafter. William was a double-agent during the Civil War, and was a U.S. Marshall at the time he was shot and killed. [His father was also shot in the head and killed in 1864 while heading the "Home Guard".] His wife, Margaret, died one year later on 11 Jun 1891. Official cause of death is "weak heart"; the family story is that she "grieved herself to death". The couple share the same stone, he listed on one side, she on the other.

MAR 20, 1888
FEB. 4, 1941

William Madison Lafon was born on 20 Mar 1888 to Sylvester Lafon and Sena Ann Williams in Wiateville, Monroe, West Virginia. It is currently unknown if he had siblings.

It is unknown if he ever married or not. The following is taken from "The Political Graveyard" located at : and found on 12 Mar 2010, 2:43 PM:

William Madison Lafon, also found as William M., William, and as Bill Lafon was the son of Sylvester Seberg Lafon and Sena Ann Williams. He was a Democrat, and a Lawyer. He was the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney from 1917-1921; a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, 1924 (alternate) and 1940. He was a member of the West Virginia State Senate House of Delegates from Monroe County, 1933-1938; a member of the West Virginia State Senate, 10th District, 1939-1942 (died in office in 1941); and was President of the West Virginia State Senate in 1939.

William Madison Lafon died 4 Feb 1941.


William Robert Caldwell was born 15 Nov 1883 in Craig County, Virginia, the son of Jacob Francis Caldwell and Betty J. Huffman. He was one of at least twelve children. He was a farmer.

He married Bertha Bostic [1887-1976] 29 Oct 1907 in Monroe County. The couple had nine children: Marshall, Geraldine, Virgil, Leona, Eula, Cordelia, Hazel, Roscoe, and an unnamed male infant.

He died 24 Feb 1950.

MAY 13, 1821
JUNE 13, 1906

William Lawson Duncan was born 13 Nov 1821 in Gravel Hill, Giles County, Virginia to John Lawson Duncan and Hannah Tillet. He was one of at least eight children.

He married [1] Susannah Miller [1824-1857] in 1844 in Giles County, Virginia; he married [2] Jane Wiseman [d. 1859] in 1858; and he married [3] Mary Thompkins Thurmond [1824-1903] in 1863 in Amherst County, Virginia.

William died 13 Jun 1906 in Monroe County. His stone is shared by himself and all three wives.

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