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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery

The Crosier Cemetery is located near Zenith, Monroe County, West Virginia. From Route 3 in Gap Mills, you will turn onto the Zenith Road, and follow this road approximately 6 miles. The cemetery sits in a small clearing on the left-hand side of the road, and is marked clearly with a sign.
Crosier Cemetery Sign
The cemetery is fenced and gated, however each time I have been here, it has not been locked. You will need to park just off the edge of the road, and walk a short distanced to reach the cemetery.

On my last visit, caretakers were attempting to remove dead debris from a storm, and several of the older stones were covered by fallen trees and limbs.

I hope to get back over there this spring and do a proper cataloguing of the cemetery. When I do, this site will carry that update.

Anderson C. Crosier
Oct. 29, 1856                       [illegible]

According to birth records, Anderson Clark Crosier was born on 23 Oct 1856 in Zenith, Monroe, [West] Virginia to Phillip B. Crosier and Mary Ann Brown. He was one of at least three children born to this couple.

He died 08 Jun 1949. It is unknown at present if he ever married.

Charles A. Crosier
June 25, 1877
Feb. 13, 1935

Charles Andrew Crosier was born according to Monroe County records on 14 Jun 1877, to Philip B. Crosier and Agnes Clark.

Charles married Minnie Shirey, it is believed in Monroe County. The couple had at least one child, Staley Benton Crosier [1910-1924]. Charles died 13 Feb 1935.


I could not tell if this family stone was representative of a single Crosier family buried here, or for the entire cemetery. It is a beautiful, large, granite stone. Engraving on the side seen here only.

DEBER J.                    IVA H.
1899-1977                    1909-2001

Deber J. Crosier [aka: Dever] was born 1899 to George Henry Crosier and Emma Jane Miller, probably in Zenith. He was one of at least 5 children born to the couple.

He married Iva H. [Unknown]. She was born in 1909 and died 2001.

No other information is known of this couple at present.

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  1. Minnie B. Shirey's mother's name was Margaret Catherine "Maggie" Shirey. She was a seamstress from Keenan, she had two children, but never married. She was buried along with her parents, Wm. and Elizabeth Jane (Beamer) Shirey, at Oak Grove Cemetery in Gates, Monroe, Co., WV.
    Minnie's father is not known, to me, but rumored to be a Biddle, no source. Minnie's (half) brother was Berton Ashby Shirey. His father was Thomas G. Erskine of Monroe Co., and left for McClean, IL, where he was a dentist.
    Minnie was a school teacher before her marriage, at least. I have some letters she wrote home to her mother when she was teaching in another community.
    She and her husband had over ten children. My mother remembers being told that Minnie had a handicapped child who died, and because her husband was very ill, he was not told of the son's death, whose body was carried out through a window.