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Monday, March 15, 2010

Neel Cemetery - Continued

The following grave stones do not have any legible markings on them. So it is impossible to know who they belong to. There are only a few, and except for the cairn, who do not know who is buried in the little cemetery.

The cemetery as seen up close as approaching from the road.

This stone rests directly beneath a tree that appears to be about 250 years old.

This is the only stone that has retained its shape. However, if there were any engravings, weather, and time, have worn them away.

This stone has kept part of its original shape, however, it is rough and no engravings are visible.

This stone is partially embedded in the ground, and is sticking up only about 4-inches.

Another stone that has been worn away by time and weather. No markings visible.

And the last stone: at first I thought this was just a rock, but when you look closely, you can see it has been chiseled and is actually a grave stone. No markings are visible.

Another view of the stone beneath the tree. This is looking out toward the road. As you can see, across the road is an old abandoned farmhouse. How appropriate that the two face one another.
It is a sad, sad place.

Another view of the only complete stone at the cemetery. This is looking toward the east, and Gap Valley, shortly after sunrise. It appears that most of the stones are set in an east to west point in the cemetery. [The odd looking shape on the right is a tree stump, from where a tree was cut down many years ago, and its stump never cleared away.]

This concludes all of the stones at the Neel Cemetery.

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