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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carmel Cemetery - Continued

FRED J.                    CLARICE A.
1911 - 1988                    1909 - 1999
No information known at present.

OCT 19 1914                   FEB 2 2006
Fred O. Bell was born 19 Oct 1914. He married Dorothy Jean Doss [b. 1925] on 3 Jul 1946 in Covington, Alleghany, VA. It is unknown if the couple had children. He died 2 Feb 2006.

AUG. 13, 1889
APR. 30, 1909
Tho lost to sight
to memory dear.
Guy H. Crosier was born 13 Aug 18889 to Randolph Crosier and Annie Rebecca Smith. He was one of at least five children born to the couple.

It is believed that Guy did not marry.

he died 30 Apr 1909. COD: accidental discharge of gun.

APRIL 10, 1867
FEB. 15, 1951

Harvey Phillip Crosier was born 10 Apr 1867 to Phillip B. Crosier and Agnes Clark. He was one of at least 4 children born to the couple.

He married Conia S. Talbott [1876-1933] on 24 Dec 1891 in Monroe County, WV. The couple had at least one child: Talma.

Harvey died 15 Feb 1951.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carmel Cemetery - Continued

MAR. 13, 1823
MAY 8, 1861

No known information.

 J.M. & A.B. BEAN
OCT. 22, 1923
FEB 14, 1925

Dorothy Eloise Bean was born on 22 Oct 1923 to John Monroe Bean, Sr. and Ada L. Burdette, in Gap Mills, Monroe, West Virginia.

"Eloise" contracted tubberculosis and died 14 Feb 1925 at the age of 15 months and 22 days.

OCT. 25, 1829
FEB. 27, 1913

No known information at this time.

JUNE 22, 1911
MAY 18, 1978
No information known at this time.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Carmel Cemetery - Continued

NOVEMBER 19, 1948
David Arnott Doss was born and died on 19 Nov 1948. He was the first of three children born to Ira Arnott Doss and Alberta Reber.

APRIL 28, 1925

Dorothy Jean Doss was born 28 Apr 1925 in Gap Mills, Monroe, WV to Ira K. Doss and Hattie Porterfield.

She married Fred O. Bell [1914-2006] 03 Jul 1946 in Covington, Alleghany, VA. It is unknown if the couple had children.

EARL E. (DON)                    ROSSIE M. WICKLINE
MAY 28, 1893                    APRIL 13, 1894
SEPT. 27, 1976                    JAN. 20, 1974

Earl Edwin "Don" Crosier was born [according to his birth record] on 24 May 1893 in Monroe County to Randolph Crosier and Annie Rebecca Smith. He was one of at least 5 children born to the couple.

He married Rossie M. Wickline 28 Jul 1920 in Union, Monroe, WV. Rev. W.D. Eye, officiant.

Rossie M. Wickline was born 13 Apr 1894 to Monroe Jackson Wickline and Lorenda S. Workman in Centennial, Monroe, West Virginia [near present day Sweet Springs]. It is unknown at present if she had siblings.

Don and Rossie had 3 daughters: Alma, Gaynelle and Jean Marie [1928-1929].

Rossie died 20 Jan 1974. Don died 27 Sep 1976.

DEC. 3, 1921
MAR. 13, 1992

Charlee Elaine Doss was born 3 Dec 1921 to Ira K. Doss and Hattie Porterfield in Gap Mills, Monroe, West Virginia. She was one of at least four children born to the couple.

Elaine married Claude Wickline, about 1943. The couple had at least three children: Larry, Jerry and Terry.

She died 13 Mar 1992.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carmel Cemetery - Continued

OCT. 12, 1904
SEPT. 29, 1989

No other vital information know. Aubrey owned and operated the Second Creek gristmill known as Reed's Mill for most of his life.

CHARLES A. SR.                    LORETTA G.
JULY 13, 1940                    JULY 27, 1945
                                          AUG. 11, 1979
Charles Wiseman Sr. [living].

Loretta Galford was born 27 Jul 1945 in Gap Mills. She married Charles Wiseman, Sr. They had one son, Charles Wiseman, Jr. She died 11 Aug 1979 in UVA, Charlottesville, Virginia.

JUNE 28, 1876
AUG. 19, 1933
Conia S. Talbott was born 28 Jun 1876 at Zenith, Monroe, WV to J. M. Talbott.

She married Harvey Phillip Crosier [1867 - 1951] on 24 Dec 1891 in Monroe County. Rev. G.W. Parker - officiant. The couple had at least one child: Talma.

Conia died 19 Aug 1933 at Ronceverte, Greenbrier, West Virginia.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carmel Cemetery - Continued

BORN 1861
DIED 1926
No known information.

MAY 23, 1810
DEC. 26, 1901

No known information.

JUNE 25, 1860
SEPT. 25, 1935
Annie Rebecca Smith was born 25 Jun 1860 in Monroe County to George W. Smith and Martha Lowry. It is unknown at present if she had siblings.

Annie married Randolph Crosier [1961-1939] on 29 Dec 1886 at the home of her father in Monroe County. Rev. J. W. Holt was the officiant. The couple had at least 5 children: Unknown, Guy Earl [Don], Della and Mary.

She died 25 Sep 1935.

ARMIN H.                    MABEL A.
1890 - 1963                    1893 - 1978

No known information except that they were the parents of Alberta Reber Doss.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carmel Cemetery


Carmel Cemetery is located in Gap Mills, Monroe County, West Virginia. From Route 3 in Gap Mills, take the Zenith Road approximately one-half mile, and it sits on the left side of the road, directly between the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches.

I don't have many of these stones documented. Probably about a quarter or less, so be watching for a fully documented file later this year.

DEC. 15, 1883
AUG. 15, 1929

Ada L. Burdette was born 15 Dec 1883 to Hugh Burdette and Annie S. Level, in the community of Organ Cave, in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. She was one of at least 12 children.

Ada married John Monroe Bean, Sr. on 04 Mar 1907 at Organ Cave, Greenbrier County. [John's first wife, Blanche Crosier, had died in 1902.] On her marriage she instantly became the mother of John's first three children from Blanche: Rita, Lama and Pauline. And they had 9 of their own children: John Jr., Emmette, Audrey, Margaret, Bill, Max, Eleanor, Eloise and Jack. Unfortunately, Pauline, Max and Eloise predeceased the couple.

Ada gave birth to Jack on 10 Aug 1929. She had not received proper prenatal care, and developed toxemia. She died 15 Aug 1929, just five days after his birth. As a result, Jack was sent to live with Ada's sister, and her husband, Isabelle and James Burton Ashley. [Jack adopted the surname Ashley when he became an adult, and is known as Jack Bean-Ashley today.]

ALBERT CARL                    ELSIE M.
OCT. 24, 1919                    JUNE 12, 1921
JAN. 17, 1983                                               

Albert Carl Wiseman was born 24 Oct 1919 to Rufus and Annie Wiseman, in West Virginia.

He married Elsie M. Unknown about 1938-1939, also in West Virginia. The couple had at least four children: Charles, Robert, Roger and a daughter [name unknown].

He died 17 Jan 1983 in Gap Mills.

No ancestry or other information known on Elsie.

DEC. 12, 1917
DEC. 6, 2000
Alberta Reber was born 12 Dec 1917 to Armin H. and Mabel A. Reber, it is believed in West Virginia.

She married Ira Arnott Doss [1912-1980] on 24 Jan 1948. The couple had three children: David [1948-1948], Susan and Karen.

Alberta died 06 Dec. 2000.

1844 - 1874

No known information.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery - Continued

MAY 31, 1862
31 YRS     2MS     5DS

Sylvester Bradley was born in 1830 to George and Catherine Bradley, in Giles County, Virginia. It is unknown at present if he had any siblings.

He married Elizabeth Crosier [1824-1890], the daughter of James Crosier and Sarah Beamer, in Monroe County on 31 May 1855. The couple had at least four children: Christopher, James, Washington and Ella.

Sylvester served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and was killed at the only battle to have occurred near the Giles County Courthouse, in Pearisburg. He was injured on the 28th and died on the 31st day of May 1862, his and Elizabeth's 7th wedding anniversary.

DEC. 28, 1824

Unfortunately, I have been unable to match a Hannah to a J.M. Crosier that was born in 1824. However, I do have the records of a Hannah Virginia Price, who was born in 1841, and was married to James Madison Crosier. The couple did reside in Zenith. I have been unable to locate proof that this is one and the same. If anyone has any information on this person, please contact me.

William and Margaret Crosier
[no other markings are legible]
At present it is unknown who this couple was.

This concludes all of the photos I currently have on the Crosier Cemetery. Please watch for more later this spring.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery - Continued

AUG. 11, 1910
DEC. 29, 1934

Staley Berten Crosier was born 11 Aug 1910 to Charles Andrew Crosier and Minnie Belle Shirey, in Zenith, Monroe, West Virginia. He was one of at least 2 children born to the couple, although he may have been the only one to reach adulthood.

Berten never married. He died 29 Dec 1934 in Zenith. COD: Influenza. He was buried on 1 Jan 1935.

SAMUEL                    SARAH
HUESTON                    MAGDELINE
AUG. 6, 1858                    SEP. 23, 1863
JUNE 22, 1931                    JAN. 22, 1935

Samuel Houston Crosier was born 06 Aug 1858 to Phillip B. Crosier and Mary Ann Brown in Zenith, Monroe, [West] Virginia. He was one of at least 3 children born to the couple.

Sarah Magdeline Weikle [sometimes found listed as Sarah "Ann"] was born 23 Sep 1863 in Monroe County to George Weikle and Lydia Clark. [No further info known on her parents at present.]

Samuel and Sarah married on 01 Jun 1882 in Monroe County, at the home of the bride's father, George Weikle. The officiant was Rev. William F. Hank.

The couple had at least one child: Marshall Ezra Crosier [1882-1956].

Samuel died 22 Jun 1931. Sarah died 22 Jun 1935 [per her death record]. She was buried on 24 June. COD: nephritis.


Unable to read this stone. No known information.

Cut stones and pieces of rock marking graves.
No engravings.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery - Continued

FEB. 6, 1860         SEPT. [????]
Octavina Miller was born 06 Feb 1860 to Jacob Miller in Monroe County, [West] Virginia. [At present her mother is unknown.]

She married Addison Clark Crosier [no information known] on 14 May 1879 in Monroe County, at the home of J.A. Miller, by Rev. G.W. Clark.

Octavina died on 02 Sep 1954 in Pembroke, Virginia from congestive heart failure. No other information known.


JAN. 28, 1823
FEB. 14, 1883

Phillip B. Crozier was born 28 Jan 1823 to James Crozier and Sarah Beamer, it is believed in Monroe County. He was one of at least 7 children born to the couple.

Phillip married [1] Sarah Ann Kinsley [1832-1851] in 1848, Monroe County. The couple had at least 2 children: Hannah and James.

After Sarah Ann's death, Phillip married [2] Mary Ann Brown [1830-1858] 14 Dec 1854 in Monroe County. The couple had at least 3 children: Augustus, Anderson and Samuel Houston.

After Mary Ann's death, Phillip married [3] Agnes Clark [1839-1913] on 20 Jan 1860 in Monroe County. They had at least 4 children: George, Harvey, Charles and Armacy Celona.

Phillip died 14 Feb 1883.

Rows of Multiple Broken and Illegible Stones

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery - Continued

JUNE 19, 1873
AUG 21, 1958

Minnie Belle Shirey was born 19 Jun 1873 in Monroe County, West Virginia. At present her parents are unknown.

She married Charles Alexander/Andrew Crosier[1877-1935] on 05 Apr 1899 at her brother's home in Monroe County [we do not know her brother's name at present]. The couple had at least two children, one boy unnamed, and Staley Benton Crosier.

Minnie died 21 Aug 1958.

AUGUST [I think] [?] 1832
NOV 20, 1902

No known information at this time.

APR 23, 1903
SEPT. 1, 1976

No known information at this time.

JAN. 15, 1882
JULY 28, 1943

Newton Edgar Crosier was born on 15 Jan 1882 in Monroe County, West Virginia to Anderson Clark Crosier and Mary Ann Brown. It is unknown at present if he had siblings.

He married Lillie Flossie Falls on 07 Apr 1915 at the home of William Falls [relationship unknown at present] in Willow Bend, Monroe County. It is unknown if the couple had children.

Newton died on 28 Jul 1943 at the hospital in Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia from carcinoma of stomach. He buried here on 30 Jul 1943.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery - Continued

FRANK T.                    EVERETTE LEE
JUNE 20, 1895                    AUG. 7, 1927
AUG. 18, 1896                    JAN. 2, 1928
SON OF                    SON OF
GEORGE H.                    ROY L.

**Note: this is a rather unusual stone, in that bother of these are infants, and have different fathers, still while sharing a stone.

Frank T. Crosier was born on 20 June 1895 to George Henry Crosier and Emma Jane Miller, in Monroe County. He was one of at least 4 children.

He died 18 Aug 1896, in Monroe County. Cause of death is unknown. No records found.

Everrette Lee Crosier was born 7 Aug 1927 to Roy L. Crosier and Bessie Fay Humphreys. It is currently unknown if he had any siblings.

Everette died 02 Jan 1928. Cause of Death: "Unknown - Possibly Croup".

**NOTE: Frank T. Crosier and Roy L. Crosier were brothers. Thus the relationship between the two little boys were that of Uncle and Nephew.

EMMA J. MILLER                    G.H. CROSIER
HIS WIFE                    [unknown symbol]
1872 - 1951                    1865-1928

Emma J. Miller was born July 1872 to Jefferson Miller, in West Virginia. [Her mother is unknown at present.] She married George H. Crosier in 1890. The couple had at least five children: Harvey, Frank, Roy, Deber and Anne.

Emma died 01 Oct 1951 in Monroe County.

George Henry Crosier was born 24 Mar 1865 to Philip B. Crozier and Agnes Clark, near Zenith, Monroe, West Virginia. He was one of at least four children.

George died 05 Dec 1928 in Zenith, Monroe, West Virginia.


This unnamed son is not found in the birth or death records thusfar. He was born in 1902 to Charles Andrew Crosier and Minnie B. Shirey. He was one of at least two children born to the couple.

According to this stone, we know he died in 1902 as an infant.


APR. 5, 1883
JULY 5, 1956

Marshall Ezra Crosier was born 05 Apr 1883 to Samuel Houston Crosier and Sarah "Maggie" Weikle, in Monroe County. It is unknown at present if he had any siblings.

He married Lula White [b. 1910] on 02 Dec 1937 in Union, Monroe, West Virginia, at the Presbyterian Manse. The were wed by Rev. Robert R. Gray. It is unknown if they had children.

Marshall died 05 Jul 1956 in Ronceverte, Greenbrier, West Virginia. Cause of Death: Myocardial Infarct. He was buried on 07 July.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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The Crosier Cemetery

The Crosier Cemetery is located near Zenith, Monroe County, West Virginia. From Route 3 in Gap Mills, you will turn onto the Zenith Road, and follow this road approximately 6 miles. The cemetery sits in a small clearing on the left-hand side of the road, and is marked clearly with a sign.
Crosier Cemetery Sign
The cemetery is fenced and gated, however each time I have been here, it has not been locked. You will need to park just off the edge of the road, and walk a short distanced to reach the cemetery.

On my last visit, caretakers were attempting to remove dead debris from a storm, and several of the older stones were covered by fallen trees and limbs.

I hope to get back over there this spring and do a proper cataloguing of the cemetery. When I do, this site will carry that update.

Anderson C. Crosier
Oct. 29, 1856                       [illegible]

According to birth records, Anderson Clark Crosier was born on 23 Oct 1856 in Zenith, Monroe, [West] Virginia to Phillip B. Crosier and Mary Ann Brown. He was one of at least three children born to this couple.

He died 08 Jun 1949. It is unknown at present if he ever married.

Charles A. Crosier
June 25, 1877
Feb. 13, 1935

Charles Andrew Crosier was born according to Monroe County records on 14 Jun 1877, to Philip B. Crosier and Agnes Clark.

Charles married Minnie Shirey, it is believed in Monroe County. The couple had at least one child, Staley Benton Crosier [1910-1924]. Charles died 13 Feb 1935.


I could not tell if this family stone was representative of a single Crosier family buried here, or for the entire cemetery. It is a beautiful, large, granite stone. Engraving on the side seen here only.

DEBER J.                    IVA H.
1899-1977                    1909-2001

Deber J. Crosier [aka: Dever] was born 1899 to George Henry Crosier and Emma Jane Miller, probably in Zenith. He was one of at least 5 children born to the couple.

He married Iva H. [Unknown]. She was born in 1909 and died 2001.

No other information is known of this couple at present.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Bean Cemetery

The Bean Cemetery is a private family cemetery, located off of the road on a knoll in the middle of the woods on the Bert William's road, near Waiteville in Monroe County. A few years ago, DOug Woods and his wife marked the trail to the cemetery, but when I was there last summer, I was unable to see any markings that remained. A small wooden sign at the edge of the road will alert you that you have arrived. You will need to pull your car off the edge of the road as much as possible, park, and walk across the field and into the woods to reach this cemetery.

We believe that the first graves here pre-date 1852, when Archibald Beane's first wife, Amanda Shires Beane [1826-1852], was buried here. Family legend states that slaves were buried around the perimeter of the fence, while family members were buried inside. While there last summer, my Dad and I did locate the remains of a very old fence in places. Rotting timbers indicated where the nearly 200 year old fence posts did stand. In some places, the wire was lying on the ground, covered over by years of falling leaves and forest debris.

At one point, [as late as 1940's], the cemetery was clear, but it is now overtaken by the forest. Large trees are noted to have rocks in their trunks that may actually be the remnants of old stones.

It is impossible to tell who was buried where. Graves are marked in some areas only by sunken depressions in the ground. Others have a bit of rock, or old stone at their heads. On all of the old stones, we found only a single legible marking. The letter "C". A new stone was placed in the 1990's to commemorate the patriarch and matriarch of the Bean family, who are buried here, William Bean and Rachel Wiseman. It was placed on the 207th birthday of William.

Here is the commemorative stone:
Back of the stone

Front of the stone

William M. Bean was born 18 Sept 1792, it is believed in Baltimore, Maryland. He was one of at least two children born to William McBean and Sarah Bane. He was indentured at the age of 12 [on his 12th birthday] in Monroe County.

Two months after his indenture release, when he reached the age of 21, William married Rachel Wiseman, born 23 Apr 1790 to Joseph Wiseman and Elizabeth Bateman in Rockbridge County, Virginia. The couple were married on 20 Nov 1813 in Monroe County. They had 13 children: Emily, Nancy, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Thomas, Margaret, Archibald, Joseph, James, William and Martha Caroline. [Nancy is buried here.]

Rachel died 7 Nov 1856 [one month after daughter Nancy]. She died from a fever of unknown origin which brought on a stroke. William was killed not far from here. He was in the "Home Guard" during the Civil War, being too far advanced in age to participate. After trailing a group of renegade desserters, who stealing from the local populace, he lead the posse into Wiseman's Hollow, and as he approached a cabin, one of the desserter's shot from the loft of a cabin. The bullet stroke his head and killed him. [In an ironic copy, his namesake son, William, was a US Marshall, and was also shot unawares by a county constable, from behind, in the head and died.] The date was 01 Jan 1864.

We know of at least 2 slaves buried here.

The remainder of the stones follow:

This is the only stone with a legible marking. Looking at the top left you can just make out what looks like a "C".

Another shot of the stone with the "C".

Here you can see remnants of the old wire fence. There are still some old fence staples holding the fence to this tree.

Fallen along the perimeter of the cemetery we noted this rotting fence post.

The remnants of another rotting fence post along the perimeter of the cemetery.

Still another fallen fence post. Look closely and you will see this one still has remnants of the wire fence attached.

An old stone. You can clearly make out the grave to this stone.

Another grave marker.

This stone marks a grave that is depressed a great deal. [About 8" at the center.]

The remnant of another stone.

Another grave marker.

Another stone marker.

Stone marker.

No marking are visible on this larger stone.

This upright stone marker again has no markings that remain visible or legible.

Walter Beane, great-grandson, of William and Rachel, tells stories of William and Rachel to visitors in August 2009.

Great-great-great-great granddaughters of William and Rachel tour Monroe County with Walter Beane and his daughter, Cyndi, in August 2009. Here Walter tells them lore about the cemetery. Walter remembers the cemetery from when he was a young boy, visiting it with his father, John Monroe Bean, and tending to the graves. This was open then, with only one or two trees. As you can see here, it is forested now.

The cemetery faces the old Bean homestead, which remains standing, across the Bert William's road.