This blog will provide information about cemeteries and graveyards in both Monroe and Greenbrier Counties in West Virginia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to log locale's and photographs of as many graves and cemeteries as possible within Monroe and Greenbrier Counties.

We are a one-woman team, so progress may be slow, and will take place as weather permits. If you know of a cemetery or graveyard that you would like to see showcased here, please let us know.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oh, you know that kind of heat. The kind that causes you to sweat, and no amount of Degree  or Secret deodorant will help!

You know the kind...

...the kind that causes the air to lay still, and it feels like it's sucking the life right out of you. Like just before a hurricane... when the only thing that will cool everything off is for Mother Nature to let loose her anger, and wet the air and the earth with those tears of anger and frustration she has...


... like... 

Bogey and Bacall in Key Largo!

Well, yeah, that's how hot it is here!!!

And while I can't escape to Key Largo, I have been going to Lake Sherwood as often as I can just to cool off in the clear waters of that mountain lake.

Until the weather cools, this blog will not have any entries to place in it with photos of wnderful Monroe and Greenbrier County cemeteries.

But they ARE coming!

Texichick and I will be heading out with our tombstone hunting gear as soon as the weather cools to a tolerable level.

Until then, stay cool, and enjoy a lovely iced drink on me!