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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carmel Cemetery


Carmel Cemetery is located in Gap Mills, Monroe County, West Virginia. From Route 3 in Gap Mills, take the Zenith Road approximately one-half mile, and it sits on the left side of the road, directly between the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches.

I don't have many of these stones documented. Probably about a quarter or less, so be watching for a fully documented file later this year.

DEC. 15, 1883
AUG. 15, 1929

Ada L. Burdette was born 15 Dec 1883 to Hugh Burdette and Annie S. Level, in the community of Organ Cave, in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. She was one of at least 12 children.

Ada married John Monroe Bean, Sr. on 04 Mar 1907 at Organ Cave, Greenbrier County. [John's first wife, Blanche Crosier, had died in 1902.] On her marriage she instantly became the mother of John's first three children from Blanche: Rita, Lama and Pauline. And they had 9 of their own children: John Jr., Emmette, Audrey, Margaret, Bill, Max, Eleanor, Eloise and Jack. Unfortunately, Pauline, Max and Eloise predeceased the couple.

Ada gave birth to Jack on 10 Aug 1929. She had not received proper prenatal care, and developed toxemia. She died 15 Aug 1929, just five days after his birth. As a result, Jack was sent to live with Ada's sister, and her husband, Isabelle and James Burton Ashley. [Jack adopted the surname Ashley when he became an adult, and is known as Jack Bean-Ashley today.]

ALBERT CARL                    ELSIE M.
OCT. 24, 1919                    JUNE 12, 1921
JAN. 17, 1983                                               

Albert Carl Wiseman was born 24 Oct 1919 to Rufus and Annie Wiseman, in West Virginia.

He married Elsie M. Unknown about 1938-1939, also in West Virginia. The couple had at least four children: Charles, Robert, Roger and a daughter [name unknown].

He died 17 Jan 1983 in Gap Mills.

No ancestry or other information known on Elsie.

DEC. 12, 1917
DEC. 6, 2000
Alberta Reber was born 12 Dec 1917 to Armin H. and Mabel A. Reber, it is believed in West Virginia.

She married Ira Arnott Doss [1912-1980] on 24 Jan 1948. The couple had three children: David [1948-1948], Susan and Karen.

Alberta died 06 Dec. 2000.

1844 - 1874

No known information.


  1. In reference to Albert Wiseman's wife, she is Elsie Maxine McGuire who is still living along Moncove Lake road near Gap Mills, Monroe Co., WV. They had six children, the three mentioned and Sally Marie, Frances Evelyn, and Jimmy Carl Wiseman. Elsie is my mother's half sister.
    Bob Baker

  2. Thanks Bob! Wonderful to be able to fill in all the gaps!!!

  3. Elsie Wiseman died Aug of 2011 her son Charles Wiseman Died June of 2012