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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery - Continued

MAY 31, 1862
31 YRS     2MS     5DS

Sylvester Bradley was born in 1830 to George and Catherine Bradley, in Giles County, Virginia. It is unknown at present if he had any siblings.

He married Elizabeth Crosier [1824-1890], the daughter of James Crosier and Sarah Beamer, in Monroe County on 31 May 1855. The couple had at least four children: Christopher, James, Washington and Ella.

Sylvester served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and was killed at the only battle to have occurred near the Giles County Courthouse, in Pearisburg. He was injured on the 28th and died on the 31st day of May 1862, his and Elizabeth's 7th wedding anniversary.

DEC. 28, 1824

Unfortunately, I have been unable to match a Hannah to a J.M. Crosier that was born in 1824. However, I do have the records of a Hannah Virginia Price, who was born in 1841, and was married to James Madison Crosier. The couple did reside in Zenith. I have been unable to locate proof that this is one and the same. If anyone has any information on this person, please contact me.

William and Margaret Crosier
[no other markings are legible]
At present it is unknown who this couple was.

This concludes all of the photos I currently have on the Crosier Cemetery. Please watch for more later this spring.

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