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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Crosier Cemetery - Continued

AUG. 11, 1910
DEC. 29, 1934

Staley Berten Crosier was born 11 Aug 1910 to Charles Andrew Crosier and Minnie Belle Shirey, in Zenith, Monroe, West Virginia. He was one of at least 2 children born to the couple, although he may have been the only one to reach adulthood.

Berten never married. He died 29 Dec 1934 in Zenith. COD: Influenza. He was buried on 1 Jan 1935.

SAMUEL                    SARAH
HUESTON                    MAGDELINE
AUG. 6, 1858                    SEP. 23, 1863
JUNE 22, 1931                    JAN. 22, 1935

Samuel Houston Crosier was born 06 Aug 1858 to Phillip B. Crosier and Mary Ann Brown in Zenith, Monroe, [West] Virginia. He was one of at least 3 children born to the couple.

Sarah Magdeline Weikle [sometimes found listed as Sarah "Ann"] was born 23 Sep 1863 in Monroe County to George Weikle and Lydia Clark. [No further info known on her parents at present.]

Samuel and Sarah married on 01 Jun 1882 in Monroe County, at the home of the bride's father, George Weikle. The officiant was Rev. William F. Hank.

The couple had at least one child: Marshall Ezra Crosier [1882-1956].

Samuel died 22 Jun 1931. Sarah died 22 Jun 1935 [per her death record]. She was buried on 24 June. COD: nephritis.


Unable to read this stone. No known information.

Cut stones and pieces of rock marking graves.
No engravings.

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