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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Zion Union Church Cemetery - Continued

Family Of
NELLIE B.                     WILLIAM R.
1906-1988                    1905-1959

No known information.

MAY 19, 1909
JAN. 3, 1941
Our loved one.

Oren Arnette Crowder was born on 19 May 1909 to Henderson Crowder and Bertha Mottesheard, on Laurel Branch, Monroe County, West Virginia. [It is unknown at this time if they had further children.]

He married Hallie Onda Unknown.

Oren died 3 Jan 1941 at his home on Laurel Branch, in Monroe County. Hie died from cancer of the sigmoid colon. He was 31 years 7 months and 6 days. His funeral was at the Lobban Funeral Home in Alderson, WV. He was buried on 5 Jan 1941.

DEC. 29, 1908
AUG. 17, 1980

Orval Ray was born 29 Dec 1908 to Joseph Price Ray and Malsenna Shepard, in West Virginia. He was fifth born of seven children to this couple.

To the best of my knowledge he never married.

Orval died on 17 Aug 1980 in Monroe County, West Virginia.

1879 - 1962

Oscar Gilbert Lafon stated on his WWI draft registration that he was born on 3 Apr 1878. However, no birth or death records have been uncovered at present to confirm or deny this. He was born to Mazarine O. and Sarah S. Lafon. He was fourth born of seven children to the couple in Giles County, Virginia.

He married Annie Unknown in 1903, it is believed in Monroe County, although no marriage record has been uncovered.

The couple went on to have 7 children: Unnamed Boy, James, Elwood, Irene, Eleanor, Buell and Harvey.

He died 1962.

1910 - 1915

No known information. A search through death records does not reveal a Lafon dying in the year in 1915. And there are no Purnell Lafon's listed in the death indexes. It is possible that if this stone were put up years later that the dates are incorrect.

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