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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Zion Union Church Cemetery - Continued

Bertha May
Dau of
S.W. & M.J. Bean
Aug 11 1883
Aged 11 DS
Little flower of love
That blossomed
but to die
Transplanted now above
To bloom with God
on high

Little Bertha May Bean was only 11 days old, having been born on August 1, 1883 to Samuel Waite Bean ["Sam"] and Martha Jane Crosier Bean ["Mattie"]. Bertha May was the first of eight children born to this couple.

Her little tombstone is currently laying on the ground as you see it here, but will be repaired this spring, with a new marker placed with it, as well.

Sam and Mattie are my Dad's aunt and uncle, so I always refer to them Uncle Sam and Aunt Mattie. And I hold an especially dear spot in my heart for these two. When my Grandpa [Sam's brother] lost his first wife to tuberculosis, he was left with three small children. One practically a newborn. Uncle Sam and Aunt Mattie took the tiny baby, who was also sickly with tuberculosis, and cared for her in their home for many years. My Dad's sister, Pauline, is said to have referred to Aunt Mattie as her "First Mommy", having never known her birth mother. Uncle Sam and Aunt Mattie had a houseful of children of their own at the time they took in Pauline. But they gave her the love of a real mother and father. How can I not feel such a tenderness for them?

And so, my Dad and I take on the task of repairing little Bertha's May stone this spring. In honor of the man and woman that were her parents.

JAN 15, 1868
JUNE 10, 193 [3/8/or 9]
No further information.

1846 - 1898

No further information.

MARRIED DEC. 22, 1934
CARY CALVIN                   LIMA LEE
SEPT. 15, 1907                 MAY 18, 1914
OCT. 23, 1980                        MAR 5, 1998

Cary Crosier was the son of James E. and Emma A. Crosier. No other info available at this time.

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