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Friday, February 19, 2010

New Zion Union Church Cemetery - Continued

JAN. 6, 1836
JUNE 3, 1893

Martha Caroline Bean was born on 06 Jan 1836 to William M. Bean and Rachel Wiseman, In Monroe County. She was the youngest of thirteen children born to the couple.

She married (1) Thomas B. Steele [1832-1861] on 06 Dec 1853. The couple had three children: Arminta, Leonidas and Arabella. After Steele's death she married (2) Joseph Preston McCormack [1842-1915] on 08 Jan 1867. They had four children: Leonidas Wellington "Bud", Lucy Nannie, Annie, Joseph P.

She died on 03 Jun 1893. She and Joseph are buried at the extreme southeast corner of the church, as noted in this photograph. They share this tombstone. She is on the south side of the stone. He is on the north.

MARY A.          DAVID W.
APR. 17, 1848                MAY 11, 1848
MAR. 2, 1924                NOV. 19, 1924
The strife is o'er, the battle done,
The victory of life is won.

Mary A. Lafon was born 17 Apr 1848. Her parents unknown. She married David W. Kessinger, also information unknown. The couple were married about 1879-1880. We know of at least one child: Una Dola, who was born in Waiteville and married James Williams.

No other information known for this couple.

MARY L.               FLOYD M.
MAR. 7, 1860               MAY 29, 1844
DEC. 18, 1940               FEB. 15, 1925

No information known on this couple.

MARY E.           IN GOD'S LOVING CARE          VERLIE F.
MARCH 4, 1892                                                          SEPT. 30, 1893
FEB. 21, 1958                                                            FEB. 16, 1956

No information known on this couple.

MARY F.                    JOHN M.
1897-1975               1866-1954

Mary Elizabeth Faudree was born 03 Jun 1897 to Stephen Faudree and Elizabeth Carnifax. She was the 8th born of 10 children She was 38 years old when she met and married John Monroe Bean [1866-1954] of Waiteville, while living in Covington, Virginia. He was a widower, having lost his first two wives to illness. He was the father of 12 children. The oldest was a year older than Mary, the youngest was only 6 when the couple met.

Mary and John were married on 01 Dec 1935 at the M.E. Church in Covington, Alleghany Co., Virginia.  The couple went on to have three children: Walter, Edsel and Roy Edwin [1943-1946]. Mary died on 01 Jan 1975 at the hospital in Clifton Forge, Alleghany, Virginia.

John was born 15 Dec 1866 in Cincinnatti, Ohio. His mother had taken her children by oxen pulled wagon across enemy lines to escape the ravages of War. He was born to William McHarvey Bean and Margaret Smith Perkins. He was the 6th born of 8 children to the couple. Within weeks of his birth the family moved back to Monroe County, again by oxen pulled wagon. It was the dead of winter, and blizzards made the going extremely slow. It is told that the family nearly froze to death on more than one occasion. Margaret kept the baby warm by buttoning him inside her dress against her chest. John was extremely short of stature when compared to his brothers , who stood over 6-feet tall [John stood only 5'7"], he used to tease that the winter's travel back to WV because of the cold, stunted his growth.

John acted as deputy to his father, William, who was a U.S. Marshall following the Civil War. On 14 May 1890 William was shot and killed in Gap Mills, Monroe County. John was asked to take his father's post, but his mother begged him not to. Margaret died just one year later, and it is said she "grieved herself to death".

John married (1) Blanche Crosier [1875-1902] on 26 Jun 1895 in Monroe County. The couple had three children: Rita, Lama, and Pauline. Blanche died three months after giving birth to Pauline, from tuberculosis [consumption]. She was buried at Dimble Gates Cemetery, in Keenan, Monroe County.

John married (2) Ada Burdette [1883-1929] on 04 Mar 1907 in Greenbrier County, WV. The couple had 9 children: John, Emmette, Audrey, Margaret, Bill, Max, Eleanor, Eloise, and Jack. Ada died five days after giving birth to Jack, on 15 Aug 1929, from toxemia. She is buried at Carmel Cemetery in Gap Mills, Monroe County.

Of John's 15 children, five remain living today.

Mary and John were my grandparents.

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