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Monday, February 8, 2010

New Zion Union Church Cemetery

New Zion Union Church Cemetery is located on the Ray Siding Road in Waiteville, West Virginia.

The Church was established in 1863, however, the graveyard appears to have been there sometime before that date.

While the photo files I have are not complete of the cemetery, at the time of this writing we are under nearly 28-inches of heavy snow, so it will be spring before I get over to Waiteville to add more photos to the file. When I do, I will update them here.

I will begin by listing the tombstones as I have them in my files. These are from my personal family tree, and will update with others on my next visit to the cemetery. So, at present I can give you some background on each individual stone I list.

I will begin with four or five stones per post.

This little lamb is obviously that of a child. The name on the stone is either A.E. Doss, or Ida/ Ora E. Doss. The engraving has worn nearly completely smooth.

In enlarging the photo this morning, it appears the birth date is July 4, 18 [??]. And the date of death is Feb. 8, 1901. However, in searching through WV death indexes, I have been unable to locate this child.

Albert Lafon. Only part of this stone remains legible. His date of death is listed as 1898. It does appear that the stone has been placed on a newer pedestal, and not on the original [the stone appears to be granite, while the pedestal is marble].

Alice B. and William A. Epling. William A. Epling was born 2, Feb 1867 in Giles County, Virginia to Jacob Epling and Harriet Sibold. He died on 22 Aug 1949 in Gap Mills, Monroe, West Virginia. He married Alice "Allie" Bean on 21 Oct 1894 in Monroe County.

Alice Bean ["Allie"] was born on 10 Apr 1870 to William McHarvey Bean and Margaret Smith Perkins. She died 02 Nov 1960 in Gap Mills, Monroe County.

Will and Allie had seven children. Only two living to adulthood.

Alice Mary Crosier Furrow. Born 29 Dec 1863 in Monroe County, she was the daughter of John McIlhenny Crosier and Nancy C. Chapman.

Alice married Oscar Wiley Furrow on 22 Feb 1883 in Monroe County. She and Oscar had three children, Mabel, Ivy and Fred.

Alice died on 22 May 1939 in Monroe County.

We will continue with our New Zion Union Church Cemetery  tombstones with the next post.

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