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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Wet Stuff

This afternoon I get the car. But guess what?

More of the wet stuff is being called for!!!

The Texichick is off from work Wednesday and Thursday. I DO have a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning, but it looks promising that one of the two days will be clear enough that we can do a little cemetery spelunking!

Dear old Mountain Daddy and I were talking on Sunday how we would buy back our old homestead if we won the lottery and properly fence and clean up the old family cemetery. [Current owners allow us access to it, but refuse to allow us to fence it or clean up the overgrown trees that have literally grown through graves!] They did allow us to place a marker in the center of the cemetery commemorating my great-great-grandparents who are buried there. [They want the area left alone for the wildlife, as they are big hunters and go for the big game that tramples through the area.]

I would wager a bet that not many people daydream of spending lottery winnings so "elaborately"! [tee-hee]

The Bean Cemetery Marker
Waiteville, Monroe, WV

Ah, yes! Such huge aspirations! A fence around the old cemetery!!!

For now, I'll settle for a day without showers so that I can go do a little cemetery hunting!

Hopefully between Wednesday and Thursday we will find at least one day suitable for the hunt! [Keep your fingers crossed!!!]

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  1. It is good that they let you see the cemetery but they really should allow you to keep it cleaned. It's not like you asked them to clean up the cemetery. Good luck with the weather!!