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Our mission is to log locale's and photographs of as many graves and cemeteries as possible within Monroe and Greenbrier Counties.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fairview Christian Church Cemetery

Fairview Christian Church Cemetery is located between Gap Mills and Union, in Monroe County.  Off of Route 3 approximately 0.75 miles, on Central Church Road, this cemetery is located on the left hand side of the road, and sits almost on the road in places.

We only got about half of this cemetery cataloged yesterday, as a funeral was to begin shortly. We will go back very soon and get the remainder of the sites.

We were able to catalog the upper most area entirely [at the road] and over half of the central area. We will get back shortly to finish the cataloging.

To set these in a more manageable manner, I will be posting 4 or so graves a day.

Fairview Christian Church
Central Church Road
Monroe County, West Virginia

Beginning on upper cemetery at south end [closest to the church building]
Row 1:

(1) This is a double stone:

JAMES          RUBY
1901-1977          1909-2001



There are two footstones for these graves, each with the initial "B".

Second Row:
[Right to Left - facing North]


APRIL 5, 1930
APRIL 2, 1945

1910-1979          1908-1991

1910 - 1979

1908 - 1991
ROW 3:

1879 - 1950          1886-1956

1879 - 1950

1886 - 1950

Please watch for more photos from this cemetery tomorrow.

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