This blog will provide information about cemeteries and graveyards in both Monroe and Greenbrier Counties in West Virginia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to log locale's and photographs of as many graves and cemeteries as possible within Monroe and Greenbrier Counties.

We are a one-woman team, so progress may be slow, and will take place as weather permits. If you know of a cemetery or graveyard that you would like to see showcased here, please let us know.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hylton Cemetery - Row 4

Hylton Cemetery
Glace, Monroe, West Virginia
Row 4

Homer H. Bostic

Jame R. Waddell
S1 US Navy
World War II
Aug 9, 1925          July 9, 1971

Wanda Mae Waddell
1939 - 1981
Broyles McGuire Funeral Home

AUG 16, 1939          OCT 21, 1981


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